Monday, May 4, 2009

Roadtrips, Play dates and Parties

WOW...what a busy last few weeks!! Parker got to meet his Auntie Bri and celebrate his Popeye's birthday. We went over to Brad and Regina's house and Jack and Parker got to play or shall we say lay together. He also had a play date with Griffin and they were perfect little boys while Alli and I were able to catch up on life as a mommy. We took our first road to Keller to see Nana and Grandpa and celebrate Auntie Amy's 24th birthday. While we were there, Parker went to his first birthday party and got to meet Clayton. Clayton and Parker are 3 days apart. We had a great time meeting and discovering new things. Parker has filled out and starting to grow out of the "newborn" stage. How fast time flies!!

Parker on top and Clayton on the bottom.

Parker was not too happy during this picture but he did like celebrating Tommy's 1st birthday!!

Happy 24th Birthday Auntie Amy!!

Saying hello to Nana. Nana and Grandpa sure thought he has grown in 3 weeks!!

Taking it easy on the trip up to Keller

Meeting Auntie Bri for the first time!!

Happy Birthday Popeye!!

Playing with Griffin...Parker's trying to stay awake. What good friends!!

Lucas with Parker and Brad with Jack. What cute boys!!

Parker and Jack...3 weeks and 3 months.