Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are back...

It has been a long time but we are back in business. Parker is officially a year old and toddling around everywhere!! He is a busy little bee and keeps us all on our toes. He talks to us all day long, just can't make out all his words. His favorite words are "Dada" (of course), "Buba and dog-dog). When I try to get him to say Mama, he says Dada...hopefully "Mama" will become a favorite soon!!
Other Sealy news...We have sold our house and live with Lucas' parents. I was an emotional wreck packing and moving our first home. Now that we are totally out, I think I am recovering. We will close on our new home on May 18th and then plan to put in new floors and paint before we move in. So the plan is to be ready to move in right when I get out of school. Our new home is in a neighborhood right in front of Lucas' office. So it will be nice to have him close to home. Here are the latest pics from Parker's year old pictures.