Monday, November 9, 2009

Time Flies!!

I can't believe it is almost the middle of Nov. and I have not had a chance to update.
We had a great Halloween!! Our little lion roared through his trick-or-treating and won a medal at his first costume party!! He was so excited he didn't take a nap all day so by the time it was time to go he was ready for bed!!
Last week, Parker had to have surgery on his "man parts." One of his testicles never dropped so they went in and pulled it down and repaired a small hernia. He did so good!! I was more worked up than he was. The hardest part was watching him come out of the anesthesia, he was very disoriented and just cried. It broke my heart. But he was back to himself within the day.
We also took family pictures. I will post a few of my favorites but you can go to and click on "clients" and the password is SEALY. They turned out great!! Our little man is growing up so fast!!


Coming out of surgery

Feeling a little better!!

Our GQ

OH BOY...another picture!!