Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Changes in the Sealy household...

Well, over the last month, we have been moving like crazy!! (Literally) We moved into a new home as well as moved my classroom. I will be job sharing next year so I will work Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday. We moved all my classroom into the garage for now along with all the stuff from the move. I figure come Sept. we might have things put back together. As for the new house, it is about 2 minutes from Lucas' office so it has been nice to have him home for lunch on occasions or run up there to see him. I know he is enjoying being so close to home. My new school is about 5 minutes so I am now the one who will drive the most. :0)
Our little man is at such a BUSY age!! I am so glad to be home for the summer and can't wait for next year to spend more time with him. But the first week I was home I did think to myself, what in the world did I just do going part-time...being at home is a FULL-TIME job!!! We are adjusting and I know it will only get better and better!! Here are a few pics of the last busy
The new house

First haircut...driving is hard work!!

New favorite game...hiding in the cabinets

Train ride with Nana and Grandpa

Worn out!!