Monday, June 29, 2009

3 months old

On Sunday, Parker turned 3 months old!! Lucas got on the scale with him and he is weighing around 16 pounds. So, I thought we better get out the jumperoo before he out grew it!! We had such an exciting weekend, my sister's boyfriend, Rob, called last week and said he was going to propose and wanted us to come to Austin to surprise her. My family and his family met at the Oasis and Rob brought Amy there as a surprise after he proposed to her. She was so excited to see us there!! We are all so happy for both of them!! There are some pictures of all of us at the Oasis and then a few random pictures of our growing boy!!

I love this picture!! This is what Amy looked like when she saw all of us. She was so happy to see us but mad at the same time because none of us would answer her phone calls. She forgave us once she saw we were actually there!!

The newly engaged couple

He lasted all night!!
Ready for a jog

I love my new jumperoo!! So many new things to look at!!

So sweet!!

Chillen' with my doggie

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Over Father's Day weekend, Lucas and I went to Barton Creek for his work summer regional meeting. Parker stayed home with his Mimi and Popeye. It was hard to leave him for the first time over night!! So, we celebrated Father's Day the Thursday before. Parker and I made pottery and made Daddy a frame that said, "Daddy's Little Caddy." He also gave him a cooler full of "Daddy and Me Things" in hopes some day soon they will get to enjoy them!! These are a few pictures of our day making pottery and then Mommy posing Parker for a picture for the frame.

Sound asleep during the entire time!!

We made his foot into the putting green.

Mommy posing Parker with Daddy's golf clubs!!

What a cute little boy!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Time

Crystal and Hayden came into town for a couple of days. We took the boys swimming and Parker loved his first time in the pool. It took a little bit for him to realize it wasn't the bath tub but I think he took a liking to it!!

Me, Parker, Crystal and Hayden

Trying to decide if I like the water or not...

It is getting better!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Time!!

Summer is finally here!! I went back to school for the last two weeks and it was hard. Parker spent the first week with his Mimi and last week with Nana and Grandpa. Last week just about did Lucas and I in...Parker was constipated (hadn't pooped in 5 days), I was sick and got pink eye, Sambo hurt his tail and our air conditioner went out. So, thank goodness my parents were here to help!! Everything is back to normal, Parker is weighing in at 14 pounds and never missing a meal. He is 10 weeks old and just started "talking" to mommy and daddy. I love it when he smiles at me and then opens his mouth as if he is going to tell me a big story and sure enough sound will come out. It is the best!! He has moved into his big boy bed in his room and sleeping anywhere from 5 to 8 hours at a time during the night. I wouldn't call it sleeping through the night just yet. Everyday I feel he is growing and changing. We are loving every minute of it!!
Enjoy some of the last months pictures!!

This is me in my cradle, I have grown!!

Trying out the Bumbo, can't hold up the head for too long

Future Aggie!!

What a Little Man!!

Found the thumb!!

First smile caught on camera, that is hard to do!! :0)